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Happy New Year!

We’d like to wish all our members, friends and their families a very happy New Year, and all the best for 2018!

2017 was a blast for us, and we’re committed to pushing OCB more and more into the modern age!

No matter what your New Year’s Resolutions are, just remember: Don’t be a dick!

OCB World Cup Winners 2017!

Congrats to Team Finland #1 for winning the our 2017 World Cup in Dirty Bomb, and the £150 prize!

They fought hard to beat back the competition, and prove that they are the winners!

We’ve distributed all our raffle prizes and SD T-shirts, so please check your Twitch Inboxes!

World Cup Semi-finals!

They’re finally here! The OCB World Cup 2017 Semi-finals are beginning tonight!

We’ve seen some fantastic matches these past two weeks, with many teams rising and falling throughout the ranks.

Starting tonight at 19:00GMT we’ve got Team Finland #1 vs Team UK as they battle it out for a place in the Finals in a best-of-three Stopwatch Match!

Followed by Team Slovenia vs Team Finland #2 on the 23rd at 19:00GMT with the same format.

Only two teams can play in the finals on the 24th of November at 19:00GMT, and only one can walk away with the prize of £150!

Keep an eye on our Twitch and Twitter pages to see who’s playing, and who’s casting the matches!

Check out the Brackets list here!

OCB’s World Cup 2017 – Now Live!

We’re back again in Dirty Bomb, hosting teams from all over the globe for the second time!

With a huge prize pool fronted by the OCB Community, we’re sure that this will be our best World Cup yet!

Our last World Cup ended with Team Finland taking the prize! Who will win this year? We’re looking forward to finding out!

You can find out more on our World Cup Info Page!

Sign-up here with your teams! If you are wanting to play in the World Cup, please signup on Toornament and not on our website.

Tag us on Twitter with #OCBWorldCup! Good luck, and remember to Play Dirty!

OCB’s World Cup 2017!?

Hey Bastarts!

We’re thinking of doing another OCB World Cup in Dirty Bomb, this year!

We were hugely successful in our last World Cup in 2016, and we want your opinions on another one in October!

What do you guys think? Let us know!

OCB Turns 10 Contests

Hey Bastarts!

Since it’s our 10th birthday this year, we’ve been running some fantastic game nights every weekend this month.

Did you also know that we’re running some competitions alongside these events?

Here’s how you can take part:

It’s a Crabby World!

Take photos of Crabby, our mascot, around the globe!

Colour me Crabby

Draw or colour your own Crabby! Get your kids, friends and relatives to help!

So you think you’re Crabbit?

Send us a video showing your best embodiment of being a ‘Crabbit Bastart’.

OCB’s Got Talent

Are you talented? Send us pictures or videos of you performing, or draw a picture! Bonus points for the talent being OCB-related!

Down Memory Lane

Are you one of our long-standing friends or members? Send us your memorable moments of OCB! Photos, screenshots, videos or stories of your time with us!

All submissions must be sent to: before the 23rd of June! *

We can’t wait to see what you’ve got! Prizes will include 3D-printed Crabbies!

Also check our our schedule for this month at:

* – Contest end-date may be subject to change, counting on how many submissions received.

Join the OCB Guild!

Hello Bastarts!

We’re big fans of the Elder Scrolls Online MMORPG, and have been running a Guild for it since October 2015.

If you play ESO and would like to join our Guild, please add @AndarneESO, @F-Holes, @Ornalaureon or @OCB-Andarne on the EU Megaserver!

We don’t yet currently have a US or Asia Guild yet.

Happy adventuring!

Join our Teamspeak!

Hello gamers!

We’re glad that you’ve taken an interest in our fantastic new website! We hope that it’s met expectations, and exceeded a few too!

Whether you’re a new member or just an interested party, feel free to come onto our Teamspeak 3 Server (and bring your friends) at!

We’re always open to hosting new gaming group sessions in some of the most popular games to date, such as Dirty Bomb, Battlefield 1, Hearthstone, and many more! Just ask around and see who’s available!

We’re also running a ‘Looking for Group’ tool for members on our website! Head on over there to arrange some games with your fellow OCB members!

-The Owld Crabbit Bastarts

Teamspeak Down

Hey bastarts!

Our Teamspeak server is down at the moment, and we’re working hard to get it back online.

In the meantime, please connect to and we’ll continue to work on bringing our server back online.

Website is now Live!

We’re glad to announce that our new website is, after much development, live for public use!

We’d like to ask all existing OCB members to register here. Our old website,, will soon redirect permemantley to this site.