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The Guardian Update

The latest Merc to join London’s finest, Guardian’s laser-toting drone and set of offensive weaponry lets her go boldly where no Medic has gone before.

She’s joined by another batch of small fixes and updates, check them out!

Official Patch Notes Here

The upcoming Horns of the Reach DLC game pack is coming to The Elder Scrolls Online for PC/Mac on August 14 and will cost 1500 crowns! Are you an ESO Plus member? Great news! Horns of the Reach is free with an active ESO Plus membership.

Horns of the Reach features two brand-new dungeons for you and three companions to explore and conquer as a group. These new dungeons will be available in both normal and veteran modes (including veteran Hard Mode for the last boss) and they will feature new rewards in the form of unique item sets, monster sets, and achievements.

The @DirtyBomb Twitter account just posted this intruiging tweet! Apparently, we’re getting something special next week! Be fast and check it out!

New PUBG patch lets you move while looting, adds destructible cabins.

Details of PUBG’s third major patch were revealed today, and include a range of changes to the way looting works, the introduction of two new weapons, rebalancing of weapon drops overall, as well as a handful of bug fixes and improvements to server and client optimization. The patch will arrive Thursday “if everything is stable” after a run through PUBG’s test servers on Wednesday this week.

Rocket League & Hot Wheels

Just a few days after developer Psyonix announced that the Battle-Cars of Rocket League will become real-life toys, some real-life toys — specifically Hot Wheels — will become Rocket League cars.

Mattel’s Hot Wheels are coming to Rocket League on Feb. 21. Two cars, the Twin Mill III and Bone Shaker, will be available as downloadable content for $1.99 each. Each Hot Wheels car will come with six decals and an exclusive set of wheels.

Psyonix will add some free Hot Wheels content for all players on Feb. 21: a “Hot Wheels” antenna and topper, “Treasure Hunt” flag and “Shark Bite” topper.

ARK Tek Tier Released

Ark’s delayed 254 patch is due to arrive today, bringing with it the Tek Tier, which introduces science-fiction themed weapons, armor, and structures to the dino survival game. The new tech items can be acquired by besting boss monsters and learning Tek-based engrams, which will allow players to craft a number of new items using a futuristic (and massive) replicator workbench.

Read the full story here.

Rocket League Patch 1.27



  • Added Utopia Coliseum (Snowy) into the Snow Day Playlist


  • An experimental goal-post collision fix has been deployed
  • Removed the “GO!” counter in Custom Training
  • ‘Pawn Swapping’ in Unranked online matches should now work as originally intended
  • Fixed an issue where players were stuck in the Replay Menu after deleting certain replays
  • Fixed an issue where selecting ‘Free Play’ forced the Loading Screen
  • Fixed an issue where Emoji entry on Xbox One was not displaying in some cases
  • UI scale setting in options should now save on PlayStation 4
  • Fix for rank label updating for division text and changing colors