Who are the Owld Crabbit Bastarts?

The Owld Crabbit Bastarts (effectivley, ‘old grumpy buggers’) are a multi-national gaming community, founded in Scotland in 2007. We take pride in who we are, our image, and our vast family across the globe.

We are an online PC Gaming clan focusing on casual, friendly gameplay with friends. Since our conception in 2007 we have hosted several game servers in popular games, such as ET:QW, Battlefield, Team Fortress 2 and DayZ.

We’d like to welcome any inquisitive gamers to get to know a bit about who we are, and our history as one of Scotland’s finest gaming clans.


In early 2007 our founders, *goo and Moph, attempted to save the dwindling membership of their previous group called EdinburghS@S, a then top-10 Clanbase CoD:UO CTF team, from inactivity by forming their own group of gamers to expand into other games. In the beginning OCB did not see much activity or growth, mainly focusing on CoD:UO, BF2 and BF2142 within itself and its small circle of close friends.

Later that year, ET:QW was released. *goo and Moph, as well as a few others from the original team, immediately flocked to Splash Damage’s recent title, gaining new members and popularity. By 2008 our numbers had tripled, and OCB quickly became a well-noted and respected group in the ET:QW community. During this period we hosted numerous competitions and ‘World Cups’ in ET:QW, as well as gaining the recognition and special thanks from Splash Damage themselves for our assistance with the v1.5 Patch for Enemy Territory.

In late 2009 we suffered a major loss in numbers, and activity dwindled to a slow crawl. In hindsight, this was down to the lack of decent and captivating FPS games, as well as several technical and financial difficulties relating to our website and game servers. After a year-and-a-half absence, *goo and Moph felt that they were unable to continue leading the clan and passed leadership to Ads913 under the acceptance that we would continue as a casual gameplay clan, welcoming of new people, with an emphasis on fair play and community spirit.

Alongside OliveOil and Moomin22, Ads913 regained the attention of several inactive members of OCB and managed to navigate us through a tough period of inactivity and restlessness. At the start of 2010 we held many conversations with Aleborg, leader of the sGs Gaming Clan, eventually entering into a partnership with them that boosted our numbers significantly, as well as opening the way for our members to branch into competitive-themed gameplay with a dedicated group of gamers, whilst likewise offering more casual gamers in sGs the opportunity to take a break from competitions in favour of easy, relaxing matches.

In 2011 we saw great success with sGs following the release of Brink. Ads913 secured sponsorship from BT Infinity, thereby allowing a team of OCB and sGs members to compete in the 2011 GamesCom events in Cologne, Germany. After narrowly losing to Epsilon eSports, our team claimed second place in the tournament. During that year we also began hosting various game servers, from Battlefield to Left4Dead, in a move reminiscient of our earlier ET:QW successes in hosting servers.

Unfortunately, it was not to last. Despite various successes as a combined group, there were very few games released that held us together as a community. By the end of 2011, Aleborg and sGs had withdrawn amicably from OCB, returning as a competitive-orientated clan.

Thankfully 2012 proved to be a very beneficial for us. We began hosting a DayZ Mod server which renewed activity within our clan, as well as bringing in a host of new, younger gamers to our numbers. Following this, we opened up two new Survival PvP servers for the different variations of DayZ. We also delved into the newly-released Planetside 2, forming outfits across the available servers, with members in the hundreds. In 2013 several of our senior members became Closed Beta testers for Splash Damage’s latest development, Extraction, now known as Dirty Bomb.

Throughout 2014 we focused on our existing game servers, our outfits in Planetside 2, and began playing Titanfall on Origin.

In 2015 we saw our biggest successes to date. With the release of Dirty Bomb into Open Beta, we added over a hundred new members into our clan and managed to engage with Splash Damage on a more personal level. We also engaged with the growing competitive scene, joining in DBNation’s Open Cups, as well as assisting them on a few occasions with their amazing projects. In the summer of 2016 we launched our first World Cup event since 2009, hosting teams from all over the world to play in Dirty Bomb, with prizes from both Splash Damage and our own community members.

The Future

We have a lot of great ideas for the coming year in 2017 and beyond. The success of our Dirty Bomb World Cup may yet lead to us returning to our popularity as competition organisers. We’re also focusing more on self-hosted game servers, opening up more venues for our members and their friends to game in a casual, friendly environment. We’re excited to continue testing Dirty Bomb for Splash Damage during its Open Beta phase, and look forward to any future projects the studio may be planning.

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