Our Staff

The men and women who make up our administrative team come from all across the globe, from places as far away as America and Canada, to closer-to-home places like Norway and the UK.

We thought we’d sit our staff down and pressure them into spilling the beans about who they are, and what they do in OCB.

Senior Admins

These guys are the top-dogs, the big daddies, the one’s who delegate all the important jobs to each other because that’s the cool thing to do. These Senior Admins are the ones who keep OCB going forward year after year. Click on their avatars for more info on them.

Ads Andarne BadCRC

Munro22 Temujin

Community Admins

Got a problem, and no one else can help? The Community Admins can! These guys and gals are here to keep things running smoothly in our community, as well as to meet and greet new members and troubleshoot any issues they may have.

BluePhenix Chixxor FlyingOstrich FHoles LegendaryWolf Longshot Maarten Moomin Popey Retsy stv91827

If you’re looking to join, have complaints or questions, feel free to add them on Steam and ask!