Upcoming Teamspeak Changes

Hello Bastarts!

This is a reminder that we’re pushing some changes to the Teamspeak Server on the 4th of September, so there might be some small downtime whilst we implement them.

Here’s what you can expect to change on the 4th:

Discussion Channels

We’re focusing on making the Teamspeak a place for people to come and talk, banter and chill. Our current channels leave us very fragmented and we very rarely come together as a whole community. We will now have a dedicated Members Discussion Channel (and an Under-18’s Discussion Channel) where OCB members can hang out and converse with each other.

Gaming Channels

We’re getting rid of the majority of our Online Gaming channels. Most of them are rarely used, or don’t have a big enough following to warrant a channel.

We’re now only making a dedicated channel for a game if it has an active playerbase of 5-7 people.

We’re also including two ‘General Gaming’ channels to hang out in if your game doesn’t have its own channel.

Personal Channels

Probably the most controversial change coming; we’re removing the majority of Personal Channels as they are in a similar boat to the unused Gaming channels.

A few key channels will remain, as they are always being used by their respective owners. However, members will now have to apply to get a personal channel on our Teamspeak. We want to focus on community discussion.

Under 18’s

The OcB Members of our Community are very welcome on our Teamspeak, as future OCB members, but there are certain places where they might feel uncomfortable.

We’re giving them their own Discussion Room to hang out in; they won’t be allowed to join the Over 18’s Discussion Room unless dragged.

Streamer Channels

Quite a few of our Personal Channels had ‘Streaming Rooms’ attached to them, as private places where content creators could hang out and stream in peace.

We’re wanting to keep that dynamic going. So, we’re making a dedicated area for streamers/youtubers to go to record their videos in peace.

If you’re wanting your own Streaming Channel, simply follow the instructions in the description of our Studio channel in the new Teamspeak. Streaming channels will no longer be permanent, though. As soon as the channel is empty, it will be deleted by the server.


We hope that this will keep you informed of the upcoming changes, and that you’ll enjoy them!

As always, any questions can be directed towards Ads913, Andarne, BadCRC, Munro22 or Temujin.

Thank you.

Battlefield 1 BETA Release

The long-anticipated Battlefield 1 Beta has now been released on Origin!

Sign-up now through your Origin Client and jump straight into WWI with OCB!

ET:QW Authentication Servers Fixed

We’re very happy to announce that Paul Wedgewood, CEO of Splash Damage, has pulled some strings and restarted the Authentication Servers that will allow us to run our own Dedicated ETQW Servers once more.

Prior to this, we were unable to launch the servers because the software was awaiting authentication from a source that no longer existed. This meant that if an existing ETQW server was shutdown (accidentally or intentionally) they would be unable to restart again. This, of course, meant that only a few long-lasting servers were left live.

We’re very thankful to Mr. Wedgewood and his team for making this possible again, and will be doing more with ETQW in the future.


Charity Stream Results

Hey guys!

A few of us participated in the DBNation Dirty Bomb Charity Stream last night, and I have to say that it was a huge success.

With the help of some of our members (looking at you whfsdude for your $250 donation!), we helped DBNation reach 222% of their original £1,500 goal! Totalling in at £3,343.31 – all of it going to the Special Effect Charity!

Milady and Duke would like to thank each and everybody who got involved. She has also informed me that donator prizes, such as Splash Damage mugs, Dirty Bomb Shirts and Signed Posters, will be delivered soon.

Thank you for helping out these guys, and remember to #PlayDirty!

Retsy’s 2 Year Twitch Anniversary

We’d like to give a big ‘congratulations’ to one of our resident Twitch Streamers tonight, as she has just announced 2 years of streaming on Twitch!
Retsy Reiver, from Canada, joined us a few years ago and has since been an invaluable member. As a Community Admin, she has helped OCB grow into what it is today, and she has succeeded in growing a huge, vibrant following of fantastic people on Twitch.

Happy Twitchday Retsy, from all of us at OCB!

WTF is Dirty Bomb?

TotalBiscuit gives his first impressions on the recently released free-to-play first person shooter from Splash Damage.

Check out the video below: