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Christmas Party

Merry Christmas

Hey bastarts!

Well, it’s tomorrow in some parts of the world.

We’d like to wish each and every one of you a very Merry Christmas. Drink some eggnog, munch on a turkey, or spend it with your loved ones. We hope that you have a great Christmas this year.

We’d also like to thank everybody who managed to attend our 2016 Christmas Party! It was a fun night, full of laughs and jokes and games all around.

This year, we gave the Christmas Crown to Team Fanny Smashers who won at the last second with 21 points. Followed by Team Chilly Willies, and finally Team Gunt Lappers.

OCB Christmas Party – 2016

Hey Bastarts!

This is just a reminder that we’ll be hosting our infamous Christmas Party in 5 days time, on the 23rd of December at 10PM GMT.

Bring your own beer and spirits! Prepare to have some fun!

Remember that we’re also doing our Crabbit Cosplay contest this year! Dress up on the 23rd as your favourite gaming/movie/tv character. Best costume wins £50 ($60USD)!

We hope to see you all there on Teamspeak!