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The @DirtyBomb Twitter account just posted this intruiging tweet! Apparently, we’re getting something special next week! Be fast and check it out!

Dickensday Event Goes Live!

Winter’s Meme Trinket Hunt

‘Dickens’ themed keychains of popular Internet memes once saw the light of day in Dickens Village.

Were the products not up to standard? Or had the target market been misread entirely? We may never know, but most of the stock remains untouched to this day. Their net loss is your gain, however – Discover four Limited Edition Trinkets before January the 11th!

Earn ‘Humbugs’, a limited time currency, by playing in matches, and use them to unlock Limited Edition Trinkets in the Dickens Shop.

When the event ends, your remaining Humbugs will be converted into Credits at a rate of 1:1.