To be an OCB member, we require you to be active on our Teamspeak Server.

We understand that some of you may not be familiar with Teamspeak, how it works or how to join us on the OCB Gaming TS.

To start, visit the Official Teamspeak Downloads page ( and download the client that best suits your computer’s operating system.

Teamspeak Image 01

Once installed, open the application and go to Tools > Options, where you can setup your Playback and Capture devices that Teamspeak will use.

Teamspeak Image 02
Teamspeak Image 03
Teamspeak Image 04

Next, click Connections > Connect and enter the Teamspeak address ( and your username. Click connect to join.

Teamspeak Image 05

You’ll now be connected to our Teamspeak Lobby! If nobody’s around, look for somebody with a red ‘A’ to the right of their name. Right-click them, and select ‘Poke Client’ to get their attention.

Teamspeak Image 07

Remember! If you’re wanting to join OCB, we require that you must be active on our Teamspeak as much as you can!