World Cup 2017

World Cup Poster

Welcome to the OCB Gaming Clan’s World Cup 2017!

We’re back again in Dirty Bomb, hosting teams from all over the globe for the second time.


  • Single merc rule in play no doubling up in mercs.
  • No new mercs created after OCT 1st 2017 will be allowed in play
  • Each team can ban up to 2 Mercs each as long as there are not of the same class I.e ban 2 medics.
  • Banned mercs will be withdrawn from both teams
  • All players must live in the country they intend to play for.
  • We will ask each team to come onto our Teamspeak during match day, where we will investigate your Ip details match your country and record your Ip address.
  • No Vpn access is allowed if a VPN has been detected player will receive an automatic ban.
  • Matches will be played in CentralEurope\US East\Us West
  • Each match will be equally played unless there’s is a deciding match required.
  • All decisions outside of this ruleset with be final by the OCB Referees


  • Andarne
  • DeviousFurball


Signups will remain open until the final on November 18th.

To participate, you must join our World Cup Discord channel. Please PM Ads913 for invite info, specifying teams and country.

Signup here on Toornament!